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Coupons and Deals
What is a coupon/deal? +

A coupon is a voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product or service.

A deal is an attractive price on a commodity or service for a purchaser; a bargain.

How do I use a coupon/deal? +

When navigating though the site you'll see coupon and deal items. Open the popup with the Get Coupon or Deal button. Then press the Use Coupon or Deal button to activate the discount.

The Use Deal button will lead you directly to the site where you can engage in the purchase of that deal. The Use Coupon button will do the same, but you can copy the coupon code into the site to use it.

How do I submit a coupon or deal? +

Please navigate to the store of your choice. Click the "+ Coupon" link in the top right corner. This will allow you to submit a new coupon or deal to our review team.

What is a store? +

A store is a business or site that delivers products or services. Each store can have multiple coupons and deals for you to use at that store.

How do I use a store? +

Stores are used to show all the coupons and deals available in that store. You can favorite stores with the heart icon at the top right of each store item so it will appear when filtering by favorites.

Stores are available on the stores page. You can also search stores with the main search bar at the top of the home and explore pages.

Is CodesVilla free service? +

Yes. This site and the usage of all coupons and deals is provided free of charge. Using our service will never cost you a dime.

Do I have to create an account? +

Creating an account is not required, but will allow you to keep your favorite coupons, deals, and stores synced across different devices.

For any questions regarding our privacy policy please refer to this.

How do you handle my personal information? +

We don't take security lightly. Your personal information is encrypted and maintained safely.

For more information see our privacy policy.

How do I contact CodesVilla? +

We have made contact as simple, yet effective as possible. Simply go to the contact page and complete the form We will get back with you at our earliest convenience.

Your contact information is not shared with 3rd parties and is only used to contact you in return.

How do I tell you I enjoy your service? +

You can contact us via the contact page.

Just using our site lets us know as well.

How Do I request a new feature?+

Your feedback is always welcome. Please submit any feature requests to us through the contact page.